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Risk Analysis

Viper provides valuable information and greater visibility through better and more timely data, public services can be improved, resulting in residents being able to live healthier and more independent lives.

Check the status of your installed sensors

Locate all of your installed devices in one place and check there activity status from anywhere in the world with 24/7 online access.

Install devices in multiple rooms and multiple houses tailor making care for individuals or locations with multiple occupants.


Real-time data stream processing options based on sensor readings with comparison to outdoor weather readings.

You can also spot subtle changes in advance by setting internal threshold alarms.

Graphical Representation

Line-graphs help in looking for emerging pattern from historical data.

3 options are available to view data, i.e., last 24 hours, 7 or 30 days.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Viper offers one place to get APIs for all the sensors grouped by property address

Enabling user to integrate data in their desired application to perform analysis i.e., Azure/Power BI.

Every sensor has its own API with availability of JSON data for last 30 days by default.

Set alarm thresholds

Sensor parameters can be customised to update settings for notification.

Moving sensor from one room to another has never been easier using sensor settings option.

Set the comfort levels of temperature and humidity and be reassured if they dip above or below your targets you will be notified immediately through an alarm on the app.

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