Low powered environmental sensors
Real-time data, alarms & notifications
LoRaWAN/4G/Wifi connectivity
24/7 access via our Mobile App & Viper (SaaS)
No need for intrusive CCTV cameras.
Peace of mind for family and carer
Plug & play sensors and gateway
Remote monitoring, designed for scale
A+ grade security between sensors and cloud

How It Works

A Complete Solution


Sensors - Small ingenious sensors for humidity, temperature, noise levels, CO2, door status, light levels and core remote monitoring of your loved ones and assets.


Safehouse Hub - Our Safehouse hub cloud connector gathers sensor data and transfers it to our cloud or a partner cloud.


Viper Cloud & API - View and manage data via our Viper Software as a Service platform, or a custom integration through our API (Application Programming Interface).


Our mission is to make Safehouse accessible to everyone.

Our vision is to deliver solutions that can improve the health and wellbeing of people, and buildings alike. Enabling individuals to live longer and safer in their own homes, whilst providing facilities management the ability to monitor the safety, security, and environments of their buildings.

We are deeply passionate about what we do and the quality of what we deliver. We have both designed and adopted a portfolio of products and services that have been enriched with cutting edge technology partnerships sourcing highly talented individuals and collaborators.

We operate from a user perspective not just a design one. This enables us to consider challenge from all angles, therefore assuring that our solutions deliver in terms of design, intention and performance. And this gives our customers either the security they are seeking or the return on their investment needed.

Sensors & App

Safehouse sensors can easily stick to any wall or surface around the house. Sensors can also be set up on doors to monitor activity.

  • Safehouse App enables users to control and get instant reporting about their loved one's activities and their assets even when they are away from them.
  • Provides flexible assistance for remote caring and monitoring buildings.
  • Useful communication tool for multiple carers.
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Facility Management

Safehouse is used by Councils and Housing Associations to monitor environmental conditions of properties. This enables decisions portfolio decisions to be made based on real time data and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

  • Assesses fire risk by monitoring fire doors, alarms, movement, temperature and air quality.
  • Reduces running costs by monitoring building temperatures, external environmental conditions, moisture and air quality.
  • Measuring and enables reduction carbon footprint by monitoring building temperatures, external environmental conditions, moisture and air quality.
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Viper - Software as a Software

Online and on the go, login from any of your devices anywhere in the world.

  • Keep up to date with 24/7 access to your smart sensor's real-time data.
  • Set up mobile alerts to notify you of emergency alarms and changes in patterns.
  • Custom integration through our API (Application Programming Interface).
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